Planning as an Art

Our clients come to us with a vision. Their vision, however, may be limited by the scope of their knowledge. That's where we come in. Our expert staff wants to clue you in to the latest and greatest in the industry, and what is currently trending. We are here to inspire you, and guide your dream to a reality using our technical knowledge along with decades of refined taste and industry experience. Our goal is to internalize your dream, and work with you to make it a reality. Our expert staff houses the knowledge about stone, ceramic, porcelain, hardwood, and it's best suited applications.

Timelessness is a concept that goes beyond just appearance. We want to guide you to achieve the look you desire most, while giving you the most scalable and durable options available. Our mission is to not simply fill the space, but to provide you with the most unique options. The client should not have to worry about the product holding up. We want you to focus on your goal, and we'll take care of the rest.

We want to share a project with you that our team helped design and provide material for. In an industry where there are a plethora of options, we understand it's easy to become overwhelmed. We wanted to emphasize the importance of proper selection and proper design.

On the left is a backsplash our team provided. In the design phase, the choices in color and texture were heavily influenced by the surrounding applications. The soft grays of the subway tile flow perfectly into the arabesque mosaic. The green hue of the gem style inlays compliment the crackle texture of the subway tile, as well as the alternating arabesque. The overall color-way was chosen carefully to match the rest of the space, and done so with finesse!

When it comes to natural stone, what you see isn't entirely always what you get. This is a good thing. Depending on the stone, the color variation can be quite drastic. Take the image to the (right) for example. The limestone tiles that clad the walls in this bathroom our team did vary significantly in color. The variants in color naturally flow together, as they were cut from the same cloth by mother nature herself!

The art of mixing rustic and contemporary looks is something that we pride ourselves in. Jerusalem grey gold is a prime example of this, especially when laid out in this pattern. In this application, the texture, pattern and gentle grey tones all contribute to the rustic appearance of the tile. This look melds almost seamlessly with its contemporary surrounding.
Another natural material that can contribute rich color and texture is hardwood. The bold brown, lacquered finish and slight variation in color establish a snug feel for the entire room. The dark oak sets the tone for a perfect getaway from the frigid winter you see outside. ❄️
Not all patterns need to follow a strict format. This example of a fireplace cladded with wallstone doesn't follow a strict layout, but has a beautiful pattern that resembles a structure more likely to be found in nature. Beauty exists in irregularity. A clash of disarray and precision creates a unique effect that can make any application that much more special.

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