Arabesque Las Palmas Glazed Terracotta Tile

Sold by box.
0.24 sqft per piece.
10 pieces = 2.5 sqft per box.
Color: las-palmas-agora-grey
Box Quantity:
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Renovating your home is easier than ever with Agora Grey Glazed Arabesque Terracotta Tiles. From bathrooms to kitchens, you can make any location look perfect. When you think of terracotta, there are many ideas that come to mind. We use the word "terracota" in a variety ways - as an Italian red material, Mexican tiles which look like adobe (a type of clay), and Catalan designations for different types- but what is it? The name literally means baked earth or pottery made from earthenware fired at low temperatures with alternating layers and colors on top. Glazed is the best way to make your ceramic and porcelain tiles last longer. By applying a glossy coat, you're increasing water-resistance - meaning less time scrubbing away dirt or spills! The Gray Terracotta is an elegant choice for any space. It will accentuate the beauty of your tiles while adding character to your design scheme..

For a modern and stylish look, there are many options from floor to wall tiles with matching mosaics that give your home the perfect finishing touch. The size of this product 9x10x3/4. You can use the site search to find a different size of this product - we've got it all

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