Hexagon Las Palmas Glazed Terracotta Tile

Sold by box.
0.242 sqft per piece.
20 pieces = 4.84 sqft per box.
Color: las-palmas-agora-grey
Box Quantity:
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It is easy to make your kitchen, bathroom ,or any other place look flawless and perfect with American Camo Glazed Hexagon Terracotta Tiles. There are many ways to think of terracotta. Let’s begin with the name, which really amounts to “baked earth.” There are also Mexican tiles that look like adobe and Californian material just as expressive as Catalan or French varieties! Glossing a surface can make certain materials like ceramics and porcelains more resistant to liquid damage than they would have been otherwise. You won't be able to find anywhere else the elegance of Green Terracotta tile for your space.

With a wide range of coordinating wall tiles, floor tiles, and mosaic tile options available to you for design flexibility in installation, your walls will be sure to turn heads. The size of this product 6x6x3/4. This product may be available in different sizes. Please use our site search for different size options.

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