Aka Yagasuri Wagara Ceramic Deco Tile

Sold by box.
0.25 sqft per piece.
28 pieces = 6.78 sqft per box.
Box Quantity:
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Ceramic tile is the perfect solution for any homeowner who wants their space to feel like home and stand out on its own too. Whether indoor or outdoor, these versatile building materials are an excellent way to make your living spaces beautiful without breaking the bank. These tiles are a must for every home, as they maintain cleanliness without fuss. They're especially beneficial to those with respiratory issues or asthma because the dust is less likely to settle on them and it's easy enough just take care of any dirt that does by using your mop. This wall tile is perfect for your modern home. It has a sleek, matte finish and will add style to whichever room you choose!

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