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Article: Landmark Ceramics

Landmark Ceramics

Landmark Ceramics

Landmark Ceramics, established in 2013 in Mount Pleasant, Tennessee, exemplifies American ingenuity in the porcelain industry. This article offers an insight into the company’s ethos, diverse product range, and its commitment to quality and environmental sustainability.

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Landmark Ceramics is a testament to American manufacturing prowess. Based on a 96-acre site, with over a million square feet of covered space, this company stands out in the porcelain tile industry. Their vision merges American industry's energy with international management expertise, proudly embracing a “Made in the USA” spirit.

The company's product range is diverse and innovative, catering to various applications in residential, commercial, and public building projects:

  1. Frontier 20: A line of 20 mm thickness porcelain pavers, suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.
  2. Veneer World: Offers porcelain veneers, reinventing traditional stone-inspired walls and decors.
  3. WallPlay: A versatile collection for creative outdoor facade solutions in urban and traditional contexts.
  4. Design Work: This range combines contemporary styles like wood, fabric, resin, terrazzo, and stone.
  5. Mosaic World: Features a broad selection of porcelain mosaics in various shapes, looks, and colors.
  6. Outdoor Living: High-quality fire features that can be customized with different looks and colors.

Field Tile Collections

Landmark Ceramics focuses on sustainability, adhering to high environmental protection standards. Their approach includes energy efficiency, recycling, and minimizing environmental impact. This commitment extends to their product lines, which embody the company's innovative spirit and technical expertise.


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