Davenport French Green Perle Blanc Limestone Deco Tile (12x12)


Size: 12"x12"x⅜" | 6"x6"x⅜" |
Stone: Perle Blanc | Carrara | |
Sold by piece.
1.0 pieces per sqft.
Email us for available sizes and quantities.
View all available Davenport Variants in different colors, stones and sizes.

An instant favorite, the Davenport uses a lovely combination of unique shapes to create an intricate, detailed pattern. Its unique combination of geometric shapes and delicate flourishes will appeal to all tastes. Available in three soft color palettes, the Davenport can be used to gently enhance a space or add a pop of color for a more eye catching focal point. Choose from a contemporary Carrara marble or unique Perle Blanc limestone to best compliment your space.

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