Eldorado Stone: Field Ledge - Padova. Faux Stone Veneer Corner.(indoor/outdoor wall)

|H:1½"-8"| x |L:4"-19"| x |T:1⅜"|

flat | corner

Sold by pallet.
100.0 linear feet per pallet.
Pallet Quantity:
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Fieldledge is a hybrid of horizontally oriented fieldstones and ledge stones with heights from 1.5" to 15" and lengths from 5" to 18". The stone's old world quality and smoother face transitions between a rustic look and an articulated ledge. Fieldledge's color palettes range from cool to warm gray blends. Its sepia base and raw linen color is complemented by subtle khaki-greens and olives, warm ochres, chestnut browns and raw umber.

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Product Details

  • width: 1 1/2" - 8"
  • length: 4" - 19"
  • thikness: 1-1/3"