Medina Ruby Limestone Deco Tile (12x12)


Size: 12"x12"x⅜" | 6"x6"x⅜" |
Stone: Limestone | Carrara | |
Sold by piece.
1.0 pieces per sqft.
Email us for available sizes and quantities.
View all available Medina Variants in different colors, stones and sizes.

The geometric, Arabian inspired Medina Pattern offers a bit of glamour with its gorgeous gold lattice artwork. Choose from the striking black accents, deep Ruby or the vivid Turquoise to create your perfect space. Striking on a floor, but versatile enough for a backsplash or bathroom, there are really no limitations to this luxe design. Available as a 6×6 or 12×12 tile on our Carrara or Limestone.

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