Old World Stone: Precision Ledge - Ashburn. Natural Limestone Stone Veneer Corner.(indoor/outdoor wall)

|H:2",3",5"| x |SR:4"-8"| x |LR:6"-10"| x |T:¾"-1⅜"|

flat | corner

Sold by pallet.
65.0 linear feet per pallet.
Pallet Quantity:
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Ashburn features a light color palette ranging from cream to light tan, with some spotters in a range of light red colors. PrecisionLedge features set heights at 2", 3", and 5" to allow for quicker installation and a sleek contemporary look. Each piece has sawn top and bottom edges with snapped ends, and many have a rough-textured face. It is traditionally installed in a dry-stacked style.

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Product Details

  • width: 2", 3", 5"
  • thikness: 0.75" to 1.375"