Old World Stone: Ledgestone - High Point. Natural Granite Stone Veneer.(indoor/outdoor wall)

|H:1¼"-5"| x |L:6"-20"| x |T:¾"-1⅜"|

flat | corner

Sold by box.
8.0 sqft per box.
Box Quantity:
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Elkton Ridge Homestead Rubble is an oversized irregular ledgestone. It is intended to replicate the appearance of natural stone used in early era buildings. It has various sandy tans as well as some dark brown spotters. Corners are generally more squared than the flats in this blend. It is typically installed with a mortar joint, but it may be installed in a dry-stacked style with additional cutting and fitting.

Product Details

  • width: 1.25" to 5"
  • length: 6" to 20"
  • thikness: 0.75" to 1.375"

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