Solstice Envy Perle Blanc Limestone Deco Tile (12x12)


Size: 12"x12"x⅜" | 6"x6"x⅜" |
Stone: Perle Blanc | Carrara | |
Sold by piece.
1.0 pieces per sqft.
Email us for available sizes and quantities.
View all available Solstice Variants in different colors, stones and sizes.

Looking for a traditional tile that sets itself apart? Discover the Solstice tile from Artisan Stone Tile. Featuring a traditional medallion design flanked by ornate oval artwork, the Solstice tile is inspired by the radiance of the sun. The Solstice tile is available in three unique colors (Arctic, Envy, and Flame), on Carrara and Perle Blanc.

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